about ma beagle

My very favorite cartoon is DuckTales (1987 & 2017). A great Disney tv show that ran for two seasons, spanning three years (1987) and a reboot in 2017. It's the very best cartoon in my book. And one of the many reasons it is so great is the characters. They are so memorable and funny. Everything you could ask for.

Ma Beagle is a very devoted mother. She is always so thoughtful and considerate. She bakes "surprising" treats to send to her boys in the slammer. They always seem to break out after one of Ma's cakes arrive :) And it's so funny how the guards never notice the useful tools sticking out of the cakes...

Ma Beagle is the mother of The Beagle Boys. And their goal is to get ahead without having to work for a living. A primary focus for them is Scrooge's Money Bin. And they always end up in some crazy scheme that goes awry. Ma's most memorable moment is when she tricks the judge and everyone else into believing that she is married to Scrooge McDuck!

Ma Beagle is always there for her boys and she always teaches them the ways to go about thievery. Such a good mother!